Welcome to Unconditional Light, a podcast dedicated to creating space for positivity, thought-provoking dialogue, and story-telling. Hosted by both me, Alex Morella, and Montee Stowes. We’re here to provide you with a weekly show full of love and shared experience.  We believe that we’re are all united in humanity, so this is a small slice of connection you can listen to on your lunch break, in the car, or simply in your free-time. Thank you for being here and listening to our heart and soul.

Season 1:

Episode 1- Adventure

Episode 2- Investing

Episode 3- Maggie’s Story feat. Maggie Norden

Episode 4- All She Wants…

Episode 6- The Strength of Transition feat. Jiesyl Rama

Episode 7- Nicole’s Recovery feat. Nicole Kent

Episode 8- Men of Action

Episode 9- Intimacy

Episode 10- Faith feat. Loren Wells

Episode 11- Faith in Friendship feat. Lisa Diamond

Episode 12- The Courage of Self-Love feat. Allieson


Season 2:

Episode 1- “Take the risk. Believe the dream” Feat. Kelly Stambaugh and Tim Gavin

Episode 2- “Fear” Part 1

Episode 3- “Fear, Part 2”

Episode 4- “Confrontation” (Fear, Part 3)

Episode 5- “The Message You Give to the World” Feat. Melissa DiMercurio

Episode 6- Your Past Does Not Define You feat. Michelle Webb and Teruko Taft

Episode 7- Dog Poop

Episode 8: Matter

Episode 9- Believe Me: The Male/Female Narrative

Episode 10- Closing The Gap (Part 1)

Episode 11- Closing The Gap (Part 2)


Feel free to access our free podcast episodes on iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud.


If you have a topic or idea you’d like covered on Unconditional Light, or want to give us some love, feel free to drop a comment below!

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