Hi gorgeous!

I’m Alex Morella, founder and contributor of CurvyConsciousInspired! As a little background on myself, I’m a young professional living in in the DMV area. I’m a quirky empath, seeking understanding and spreading sunlight. Rather than listing off details about my job or relationship status, here’s a little bit about what keeps me thriving:

-My loved ones                            -Yoga practice

-Traveling                                     -90’s hip hop/R&B

-Plus-size fashion                        -Nutella

-Body Positivity                           -Sunshine

CurvyConsciousInspired is dedicated to sharing insight on topics such as self-love, plus-size fashion, positive community influencers/resources, and those who have not yet told their stories. Being a fat woman, residing in a marginalized body, can be extremely challenging some days. In all honesty, I’ve lived majority of my life believing that all my problems would disappear if only I could fit the mold of what a woman “should” be. After a lifetime of hills and valleys, internally suppressing my own self-worth, here’s what I’ve come to learn; beauty is in how you treat others, being an “ideal” person lies within your OWN perception, and true happiness (though fleeting) comes from within. There’s only one you in this world, it’s up to you whether you let that person shine.

If you’re seeking positivity, inclusivity, and empowerment, may this site become part of your exploration. I’m so thrilled to share this piece of my heart and soul with you!

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