PSOR: Emailed Questions!

Hi beautiful souls 🙂

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing some more Plus Side of Raw videos with ya’ll! Bare with us as we’re still working out some kinks to our video hosting site, and we’re creating more space for creativity. Thankfully we had a few questions come in via email (they were pretty dang good too!) so check out the responses below!


Question: Do you feel that being plus size can inhibit your wardrobe therefore inhibit your expression of self?


Question: Do you see a difference in people who are naturally bigger to people who “became” fat as a result of non medical situations? For some people being large is there norm. For others it’s a result of self abuse, coping, etc.


Question: Would you ever have cosmetic surgery?


Question: Where do you buy your jeans?




Comment below and let me know what you think of these videos/this new project! Any and all feedback will help tremendously.


Want to ask some questions yourself?:

If you’d like to submit questions or thoughts (please keep them appropriate), send an email to and my partner will ensure the email remains private until I’m recording next.

*PS- Huuuge shoutout to those who submitted questions already. I see you and love you.*


Thanks for watching lovelies!

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