The Plus Side of RAW

Happy Saturday beautiful souls!

I’m beyond excited to introduce a brand new project I’ve started working on called, The Plus Side of RAW! After having in-depth conversation after in-depth conversation with my partner, something just clicked and we said, “we should record these conversations…”. So here we are, introducing a series of existential questions being candidly asked and answered by me!

Adding to the excitement of being asked a variety of questions without my knowledge prior to responding, I wanted to increase the challenge for myself and record these videos without any preparation beforehand. Exactly as I am, right there in the moment. Most of the time that will be without my hair done, no makeup, and in my relaxed house clothes. Hence the name of the project was born, The Plus Side of RAW. These videos shed light on the positives of stripping away personal distractions, showcasing uncontrived vulnerability, and simply getting real. *( I also like to think of RAW as an acronym for Real Ass Woman lol)*

So without further adieu, take a peek at The Plus Side of RAW!


Can you think of the time you first experienced true belonging and unconditional love? Can you remember how it made you feel?


Can love still exist in our world today? How can we ensure we’re loving when negativity surrounds us?

I’ve been having tooooo much fun with this project and can’t wait to share more and more with ya’ll along the way! Thank you 100 times over for being here with me along this ride, I have so much love and appreciation for each of you!

May this project remind you to honor, love, and trust yourself in the most candid of moments.

 *Do you have any questions or thoughts you’d like for me to speak on? If you’d like to submit questions or thoughts (please keep them appropriate), send an email to and my partner will ensure the email remains private until I’m recording next.*

Thanks for reading lovelies!


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