Mental Health and Body Image: YouTube Edition!

Happy New Year beautiful souls!!

Comin’ at ya with a short, yet personally meaningful, post today. Over the holidays I had the BEST time working on a few YouTube videos with my girl Samantha Brittany. Awhile ago she had asked if I wanted to record a couple of videos highlighting topics such as Mental Health and body image, so naturally, I agreed! As these topics are extremely dear to my heart, I wanted to make sure to share the videos both on social media, as well as, here on the blog. So check em’ out below as I’ve linked the videos to each picture (click the picture to be routed to each video), and comment letting me know what you think!




“What I know for sure is that speaking YOUR TRUTH is the most powerful tool we have” -Oprah

*(PS-If you didn’t see her speech from the Golden Globes last night, definitely do yourself a favor and watch here).*

May you go forward this week encompassed by enough bravery to speak your truth always. 



To be in contact with Samantha Brittany, her information has been linked below: 

YouTube: Samantha Brittany

Instagram: _samantha_brittany_


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