Go Girl it’s Ya Birthday….

Hello you beautiful soul, you!

As I’m sitting here thinking and backtracking all that’s happened since my last birthday eve, I can’t help but process the lessons I’ve accrued over the past 12 months. I’ll be candid in saying that overall, this year has been one for the freakin’ books. A year of much growth and ambiguity, but also a year of great accomplishment, closure, and new beginnings. So with that being said, here’s a few helpful thoughts and lessons that have shown up for me throughout the past year:

1.) In what feels like an eternity day by day, a year passes so crushingly quick.

2.) Just when you think things aren’t going to get better, they miraculously do.

3.) Making yourself proud is one of the greatest steps toward loving and appreciating yourself. You may not love your body or have a deep admiration your personality (YET), but finding ways to make yourself proud will 10 times out of 10 help you recognize your strength and power.

4.) After accomplishing something big like finishing graduate school, or buying a new house, or even making your dream job a reality, you can inevitably expect some kind of deflation period. You’ve put in a ton of work to get where you are, of course you’re going to ask yourself, “okay, what now?”. Your body, mind, AND spirit are in need of some recuperation. Be kind to yourself during this time.

5.) Life will NEVER be perfect. Searching for perfection is a losing battle, instead, search for peace.

6.) LOVE is your destiny. You are love, you are made from love, and with that understanding, love will in return cultivate around you. Also, wait. Don’t settle for anything or anyone less than extraordinary. Wait for someone who assists in creating stillness in your mind and passion in your heart.

7.) ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS. Why do things work certain ways? What makes (this) so important to me? How can i see things differently? What do i want from this situation? Asking questions builds truth and critical thinking skills. Those skills are essential to you.

8.) Fun fact: you don’t have to be friends with EVERYONE. Protect yo energy. It’s your lifeline.

9.) Leave the bullshit to the bullshitters. You’re not one of them. When you don’t know something, hold your head high and admit you don’t know. Don’t pretend to know something out of fear that someone would judge you. Don’t lie to ensure people are “impressed by you”. Don’t compromise your thoughts or feelings to make others feel more comfortable. Of course doing this is terrifying and takes major practice, but just know that the real, honest you will always win.

10.) You are the most astounding, beautiful, mess the world has ever been graced with. Don’t you dare forget it. Shine. Your. Imperfect. Light.


This was a simple, yet super cathartic post for me. Kind of unexpected but also clarifying to see how peaceful this was to write. I seriously feel nothing but gratitude all around, as I enter into my birthday and 27th year with new found wisdom and perspective.

Really just posting this selfie because 1.) I’m cute 2.) ISSA BIRTHDAY VIBE and 3.) I like how the light gives the affect of a halo around my head  (lol) 


I just have to end this post by saying thank you. Thank you all for reading today, and for allowing me to utilize this space as not only a way to spread inspiration, but also a space conducive for my own healing. In case you didn’t know, you’re not alone. We’re all connected in some form or fashion. Just as you’re healing from your life wounds, I too am healing.

May you all remain peaceful throughout this holiday season!!



Luminance Skincare: The Real MVP.

Hi my beautiful souls!!!!

So sorry for being MIA as of late! As some of you know, I’ve been preparing to take my state licensure exams (to officially work as a mental health therapist), so my priority has been testing throughout the past month. But thankfully, I’m back and ready to share a some details about a product line that I absolutely LOVE.

Y’all…let me introduce you to Luminance Skincare. Aka: my legitimate saving grace over the past few months. Originally, I found Luminance from another influencer (Dana Falsetti/Nolatrees), and instantly I knew I wanted to try their products. Not only are they all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly, but they’re also handcrafted in a small manufacturing office in Benicia, California. So not technically local for me, but who doesn’t enjoy supporting smaller businesses? Seriously, if you have a moment, just read how wonderful their story is, and the supportive working environment they’ve created. VERY few companies really express interest in providing such quality, detail, and kindness like Luminance does. Since I’ve had so many ups and downs with my skin, I was beyond thrilled to try their products! I first started out by ordering the free sample kit (two weeks of product at the cost of shipping ($2-4)) and have been a genuine supporter ever since. As a blogger I stand firm in never supporting a company or product that I don’t believe in. Thankfully, Luminance was a no-brainer for me.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve found myself fortunate enough to team up with Luminance to try a few of their new products. I’m beyond thrilled to share details with you! Check out my reviews of each product below *also for even further details, click on the names of each product*:


Delicate Cleanser:

Okay I’m going to be honest about the cleanser. At first I was super skeptical. The product is very thin and doesn’t have an exfoliating agent, so I questioned its deep cleaning capabilities. Then I remember saying to myself, “Alex, what the hell do you know? You’ve been using Neutrogena since you were 13. It’s time to switch it up.” Anyone else feel me on this? Lol.

After my first use, I was so pleasantly surprised by how clean and free my face felt. The cleanser smells great, feels great, and actually does deep clean. I still like to exfoliate once a week when I can, but I’m grateful to have found a cleanser that’s gentle enough for daily use. This is a staple to the Luminance main trio of products.

Rosewater Toner:

This is 100% my most favorite product. I really didn’t understand the importance of using toner until purchasing Luminance products. This is by far the most refreshing, skin calming, luxurious product I’ve ever used. All it takes is a spritz in the morning and evening to balance out your skin’s pH balance. If I could recommend any one Luminance product, it would be the Rosewater Toner. It legitimately smells and feels like a daily Treat-Yo-Self moment.

Acne Serum:

The acne serum, though not the product I use most daily, is a fabulous addition to your skincare routine. I really use this for more spot treatment rather than all over, simply due to the fact that I personally like to keep things minimal. I find this works really well when needed, and I’m infatuated by the smell of this product. Made with both Matcha Tea and Tea Tree Oil, the acne serum reminds you of just how natural and raw these products really are.

Hydration Face Moisturizer:

All I’m going to say is…yoooo…the moisturizer is a must. Not only is the consistency amazing, but the AMOUNT of product they send you really makes it worth the purchase. Especially with winter months coming up, this is an essential product in my opinion. I also really like that this product extremely lightly scented, anyone with sensitive skin knows why this is important.

Rosewater Mask:

Graciously, I’ve tried two different Luminance facial masks. Both the Rosewater Mask and the French Green Clay Clarifying Mask  are extremely high quality.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but sometimes use a face mask and I feel like I completely wasted my time. If anything I was uncomfortable for 20 minutes and my face became even more irritated. Thankfully, this isn’t ever an issue with both of these face masks. I actually look forward to using them. The Rosewater Mask is the product I use when my skin is super dry. I put this stuff on and I was like…”well shit I don’t have to put moisturizer on the rest of the week!” It’s really awesome. But I will say that I use the Clarifying Mask a little more frequently. This product has really helped balance my skin. If I know I want to look and feel refreshed the next day, all I need to do is put this gorgeous bright green mask on my face and I’m set.


Words can’t describe what a difference Luminance products have created in my life. Our skin is the largest organ our bodies possess, it’s the encasing shell to our soul, so my gratitude toward Luminance doesn’t come from their products “fixing” my “problem skin”, but rather, it comes from allowing myself to find a trustworthy product that luxuriously cares for me in the most ethically loving way. I hope this review has helped you learn a bit about the products I personally stand by, and helps you recognize that you’re absolutely glorious no matter what. You deserve to avoid the perspective of “fixing” your “flaws” and instead focus on loving and treating yourself kindly. A huge thank you to Luminance Skincare (and so many others) for helping women and men obtain beautiful products with a kind purpose.



May the sun shine on you moving into this weekend and throughout the end of the year.

Thanks for reading lovelies!!


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