Hello Fall…Helloooo Sweater Dress Weather!

Happy Thursday beautiful souls!!!

If you follow me on social media, you’re probably aware of just how much I love summer. Nothing like warm weather, sunshine, bikinis, and outdoor activities to keep the spirits high. With that being said, there always comes a turning point where I have to let go of summer and openly accept the change of season. But this year? This year it was SUPER hard to let go and welcome in fall. I kept resisting and resisting, but as with anything in life, sometimes you just have to ease into it and appreciate each season for what beauty it may bring. Plus let’s be honest…fall fashion is just so freakin’ amazing. Which is why I wanted to share my first fall look with you guys!

For a lot of women, the sweater dress is a necessity when it comes to their fall wardrobe, so I decided to give one a try for myself. So…I chose the gorgeous On Baited Breath hunter green (because green and purple hair is life *heart eyes emoji*) sweater dress from Perfectly Priscilla. And let me tell ya’ll…this dress is EVERYTHING. It’s versatile, so comfortable, and the perfect staple for fall and even into winter.

Check out a few pics of the look below:




I’ll be honest and say that in previous years, I always felt like sweater dresses might not be “flattering” on me as they’d be “too tight” or “too baggy”, but in reality that was just external voices trying to dictate how I “should” live in my body. I mean…who wants to be put in a box where other people decide what looks best on you? That’s a big ole NOPE from me. I wear what I want, when I want, and certainly have the power to decide how each item makes me feel. Which is why I picked this dress, it challenged my old belief system and proved that yet again, my body doesn’t determine how I live my life. Amazingly enough, fashion has the power to not only help you feel beautiful, but it also has the ability to empower you to both love yourself and challenge the norm. How beautiful is that??

Okay so back to the dress…I truly can’t say it enough…it’s just so damn comfortable! You can dress it up like I did (choker from Catherine’s Plus and heels from Payless Shoe Source) or you can throw on a pair of boots and scarf for a daytime look. Either way….you’ll be serving looksssss.

Thanks for reading lovelies!

And in case you forgot…you’re so worthy, so fierce, and so loved. 

*If you’re interested in checking out Perfectly Priscilla and want to order from their beautiful selection of plus size items (Sizes 10-22), make sure to use the discount code BLOGGERSAVE20 for some $$ off*

To shop visit: www.perfectlypriscilla.com

Or check them out on Instagram: Perfectly Priscilla Boutique


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