Listen and Learn: My Current Top 5 Podcasts

Comin’ at ya this week to share some details about podcasts that have been giving me life lately! Some of you reading this may already actively listen to various podcasts, and some may be saying, “what the hell even is a podcast?!”. No matter where you are on the spectrum, I wanted to give you guys some information about what I’ve been listening to most regularly. Below is featured some information about each show, as well as, how you can access these audio recordings for your listening and educational pleasure!

What is a podcast and how can I access one?

Essentially, podcasts are online talk radio shows. Technically speaking, they’re digital audio files that can be accessed via the internet. Most podcasts are created with a theme or topic as the focus, and are released either weekly or as a series. These audio recordings can be found via individual show title websites, Apple iTunes- Podcasts,  SoundCloud, Stitcher, Spotify, and so many other outlets. If you’re tired of listening to the same radio stations on your way to work, or simply seeking a new form of entertainment, I can promise you theres a podcast out there you’ll love!

Take a look into the five shows I’ve been listening to below (Click on the pictures to access each show online):

fearless rebelle

I’ve been a fan of the FRR show for a little while now and let me tell you, it never seems to disappoint. Summer Innanen is an author and a life-coach helping women build a stronger body-image, confidence, and self-worth.

As per the show description, “Fearless Rebelle Radio features interviews with the leading experts in body image, the anti-diet movement, self-help and feminism. When I’m not interviewing trailblazers, you’ll receive my best advice with practical tips to help you feel better in the body you have, break free of food obsession, and live life on your own terms.”

Summer is remarkably intelligent, thoughtful in her approach, and respectfully helps the listener breakdown and rebuild perspectives on self-love, feminist issues, societal pressures, and so much more. If you love these topics (which we all know I do), or seek to understand these topics further, I highly suggest checking out the Fearless Rebelle Radio show.

Hoodrats to headwrap

Words can never quite explain how much admiration I have for Ericka Hart, M.Ed and Ebony Donnley. Ericka identifies as a sexuality educator, writer, performer, and activist, while Ebony is also quite an activist with roots in audio technology. As this couple ventured into a new project, a weekly podcast titled Hoodrat to Headwrap, I knew I had to check it out immediately. Listen in as this podcast seeks to decolonize and dismantle white supremacy. If you’re feeling lost or needing some internal bias discovery in today’s political and social climate, this is a beautiful place to briefly land and learn.

Beautiful life

Listen as Gracy Obuchowicz brings a show highlighting interviews and topics related to self-care, self-love, and maintaining wellness within the typical daily busy life. This show is geared more toward those within the working world, specifically those looking to improve their self-care skills and prioritize filling their own cup before filling other’s. When I’m looking for new ideas or have some internal work to do, this is a go-to listen for some inspiration. Also, I just love Gracy’s personality!

The Stoop

In this brand new show hosted by Leila Day and Hana Baba, take a look into shared stories and moments about what it means to be black. As a mental health professional, I personally seek opportunities to understand others and broaden my perspective. What a better way to do this (aside from sitting down and engaging face-to-face with real people lol) than by listening to experiences and stories firsthand. This podcast cultivates empathy, understanding, and perspective. I really great listen for anyone and everyone.

Thoughts loosely

Strong Opinions Loosely Held is the perfect show for the ADD listener! Lol Each show averages anywhere from 16-25 minutes, discussing topics such as “When your pop culture doesn’t match your politics”, “How HGTV explains America”, and “Famous on the internet, broke IRL”. I love this show because Elisa showcases knowledgeable guests, includes her own strong female voice, and really brings a sense of real life relatability.


Thanks for reading lovelies!!

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  1. Hi my name is James but u can call me Bop! 😊 Just wanted to stop in and show some Maryland love💪🏾✊🏾. Came across your IG page. I must say I like what I was reading and definitely like what I saw. I think you’re a beautiful woman. Your words are very inspiring! My daughter is a young 19 yr old and she’s a bbw! She shows confidence on the outer layer. But I know the inner layer is very insecure. I’m going to have her check out your IG and this page. I’m always telling her that she’s beautiful and letting her know to not let your weight define who u are. I think this page will definitely keep her positively high and ongoing.Keep up the good work!✊🏾💪🏾 I’m a new fan! Did I say that you’re fucking awesome and beautiful 😍😍👑😇


    1. Thank you for the comment James. It sounds like you’re encouraging and supporting your daughter in the best way possible; I most definitely applaud you for that! Please ensure your daughter reaches out to me, and I hope you continue loving her for the beautiful soul she is!


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