Happy Friday lovelies!

I have some seriously exciting news! I can officially announce that I’ve been selected to be featured in the #BEinyourskin Plus Size Editorial Wall Calendar, the exclusive version! I’ll be featured there alongside 100 other boss, inspiring people and I couldn’t be more honored! It’s kind of surreal thinking that myself and so many other incredible plus-size people will be showcased in such a moving project. All I can think about is how younger me would have absolutely DIED to see fat/curvy bodies celebrated so beautifully!! In case you have’t caught on…there’s no denying that plus-size bodies have finally had enough of hiding. We’re thriving, shining, and inspiring. *(insert praise hands emoji)*
The picture featured in the calendar is from a bikini shoot I did with photographer Lauren Litton:
Over the past year and a half, I’ve spent so many hours immersing myself in resources related to body positivity, plus-size fashion, fat activism, and tons of bold, game-changing influencers. Not only has this immersion been a HUGE contributing factor to my education and growth, it’s also completely shifted my own perception of beauty and self-appreciation. One of the best pieces of advice I can give someone seeking self-love/acceptance, is to immerse yourself with REPRESENTATION. Surround yourself with visual resources teaching you new perceptions and highlighting people/events/news that break barriers. Change your social media feed, read books centered around self-love, listen to news stories of people changing lives, visually SEE confident and kind people who look like you (or especially those who don’t look like you).
And on that note…
Today, I wanted to highlight a woman who has been a massive influence in my life and so many others. So without further ado…meet Brianna McDonnell the creator of The B Word Blog and the #BEinyourskin Campaign.
But seriously…are ya’ll seein’ this?? She kills the ENTIRE game. 
The campaign is a now annual month-long self-love social media event, created to help followers improve their self-esteem, take chances, and holistically celebrate their uniqueness. For me, Brianna has quickly become one of the first people to really provide representation of a fashion-forward plus woman with genuine confidence. Her blog and shared content has really changed the way I personally look at fashion and beauty. She’s bold, confident, passionate, and a complete visionary. Being a fellow blogger, this woman has completely blown me away with her dedication and pure heart put into everything she touches. After receiving requests to share information about  influencers who have inspired me directly, The B Word is most definitely one of the first babes that comes to mind.
Follow her. Read her content. Witness a strong, confident plus woman. Be inspired by her bold decision to be the representation our young women desperately need to see.
Link to purchase #BEinyourskin Calendar: www.thebwordmerch.bigcartel.com/

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