Time For a Revamp!


Well I guess it’s time to announce that…ya girl is BACK!! After a long hiatus from blogging, to focus on my own personal and professional wellness, I decided to commit myself to another year contributing to CurvyConsciousInspired! I couldn’t be more thrilled!

During the past six months, so much has happened. I completed my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, I recovered from a significant back injury, I took time to reflect on my goals, I somehow managed interning, working, and school work all at once, I loved, I cried (a lot), I laughed, I nearly lost myself; but through it all, I was resilient and gained a new perception of my own strength. “They” always say…”there’s always a rainbow after a storm”, and what a whirlwind of a storm it’s been. But like so many women do, nevertheless, I persisted.

I’m beyond excited for this recent shift in my life, and genuinely can’t wait to share up-and-coming posts with you along the way. To promote personal growth and cultivate creativity, I’m thrilled to not only share my own personal experience in writings on this site, but also provide insight on plus-size fashion, positive community influencers, and those who have not yet told their stories. I’ve decided to take some of the focus off of me, and allow this space to become an open environment where people can feel heard, connected, and hopefully inspired.

So here’s to a revamped opportunity to demonstrate commitment to myself. Here’s to sharing insight on life, inspiration, and understanding. Here’s to spreading sunlight in a world facing many shadows.


Thanks for reading lovelies!


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