Bodysuits and Confidence.

Hi lovelies!!

I’m so so happy to be back and FINALLY able to share the pictures from my recent body positive photo shoot! I had so much fun working with the local photographer Luke Burke of LB Studio based in Frederick, MD. He recently has started a project highlighting those who have overcome various body image hurdles, and wants to represent all body shapes via the use of photography. Those who follow me on Instagram at Curvy_conscious_inspired have probably seen multiple pictures from this shoot, but since I love them so much, I wanted to be super extra and share them on here as well!!

For me, this shoot brought about some really eye opening thoughts about my own body, as well as, the lack of representation we see in society. We need to see more marginalized bodies in our movies, magazines, fashion, and photography! One thing you’ll really notice is how untouched these photos are. Cellulite on POINT in each pic. The actual cover photo is retouched, but the rest of the photos show each and every detail of my body in all its glory. I’m not going to lie…I’m proud of myself. I think this photo shoot really was a pivotal moment for me, as it forced me to realize just how far I’ve come on my journey toward self-acceptance, and reassured me that people who look like me deserve to be represented. All people of all races, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds deserve a seat in the front row. Here’s to breaking barriers and giving marginalized people a chance to stand in the spotlight.

Here’s so pictures of a fat, smart, happy, empathic woman simply…killin’ it!

Bopo bodysuitbodysuit 7bodysuit 13bodysuit 9bodysuit 11bodysuit 10

I mean come on. Glasses, bodysuit, booty, and a lil camel tattoo? ADORBS.

Okay, okay, I’m done boosting myself lol. I do want to leave you all with this little tidbit though…

Am I a professional supermodel? No. Am I the most photogenic? Probably not. I passionate about all people feeling confident and comfortable in their skin? YES. Yes times a million. My goal in doing these photo shoots isn’t to become a model or someone that does this professionally, my goal is to inspire others to recognize that confidence IS attainable. It doesn’t come from the outside, but rather, confidence begins as an internal journey. It’s something that needs to be cultivated, tended to, and treated with an abundance of support and awareness. It’s something so worth investing in. And who knows, maybe one day, you too will feel comfortable stepping in front of a camera with no pants on! Trust me…it’s BEYOND liberating!!

To sum it all up, I hope to give you a small mantra for the week ahead. Something you can say on repeat in case you need reminding of just how fabulous you are:

*Remember that you’re worthy of giving yourself love, worthy of receiving love from others, and worthy of allowing the world to see you for YOU.*

Thanks for reading!


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