Facing Your Dressing Room Fears

Hi lovelies!!

Okay so I had a few days recently where I started to fall back into my old patterns and started getting down on myself about my physical appearance. (Ugh…society back at it again messing with my brain) So this weekend I wanted to try some things out that I knew would get me emotionally back on track. I went to yoga (always helps), spent as much time as possible in the 70 degree sunshine, ate vibrant, colorful foods, and I went shopping. Now let’s be honest here, most of us have had a troubling moment or two while trying on clothes. In one quick change of outfit, the dressing room goes from a place with harmless intent to a full on internal battlefield. The mirror can quickly become a reflection highlighting each and every flaw you may perceive about yourself, thus diminishing self-esteem and lowering chances of a successful shopping experience. But I decided to go and attempt to boost my confidence! Let me tell you…I had an amazing shopping trip. I didn’t buy a dang thing due to finances, but I left feeling so happy and boosted. So much so that it got me thinking…I wish everyone felt this way when they’re shopping. In effort to promote this, I wanted to share with you a few tips to use when feeling overwhelmed or low the next time you’re in the dressing room:

1.) Feel your best before leaving home

Before heading out to shop, make sure you feel confident and look your best. Whether you feel most attractive when you’re fresh faced and casual or when you’re dolled up to the nines; feeling like your best self before stepping in the dressing room can be extremely helpful. Not only will this ensure you’re emotionally well, but it provides a complete view of how each outfit will look once purchased. Ultimately, this tip reinforces the long time saying, “if look good, you’ll feel good”.

2.) Bring a confidant

Have someone who is supportive, honest, and encouraging tag along with you. This may be a close friend, family member, partner, etc., but no matter who it is, make sure it’s someone who knows your needs, and they’re able to create a positive shopping environment. Bringing a confidant will also provide another set of eyes and uplifting comments, which will inevitably help maintain dressing room confidence.

3.) Step outside of your fashion comfort zone

When shopping, people tend to stick to what they’re most comfortable in or what they know looks best on their figure. Though it’s important to search for items that you believe emphasize your favorite assets, it can be a surprising confidence boost to try on something that’s completely out of your comfort zone. You never know, that bright body-con dress might look fabulous, all you have to do is take the risk and try it on!

4.) Bring a variety of sizing options

Sometimes it can become frustrating and defeating to find the right fit in clothing. To help alleviate stress and agitation, bring multiple sizing options into the dressing room with you. This will assure you have everything necessary to find the correct fit, without having to continue asking the sales representative to grab different sizes. Try not to worry about the size on the actual item that fits, size is just a number, not something that defines who you are.

5.) Prepare a positive affirmation

Positive self-talk is one of the most influential, life-changing actions a woman can do for herself. In reality, it’s easy to allow the pressures of the world to convince you that what you see in the mirror isn’t good enough. So instead of listening to that external force, remind yourself in the mirror of just how remarkable you truly are. Saying something even as simple as “I am enough” will turn your thoughts from destructive to empowering. Self-confidence is sure to soar.

Facing your dressing room fears can be tough, but it’s important to know this; no matter what happens while shopping, remember that you’re strong, you’re worthy, and you’re so much more than what a mirror may tell you. Now spring dresses just came out…treat yo self to some shopping!

Wishing you so much love and serentity throughout the next week!

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