Welp…It’s Valentine’s Day.

Guys, let’s do a little check in. Since today’s Valentine’s day…how are we feeling? Some of you are probably feeling a multitude of emotions: excitement, sadness, frustration, adoration, nervousness, love, heartbreak, etc. Now, if you’re one of the people feeling excited, loved and adored this February, I want to say I’m so incredibly happy for you! YOU DESERVE IT. For those of you that are single and feeling negative about this holiday, this post is dedicated to you.

I haven’t really talked much about my breakup this past November, but let me tell you what, it’s been a real bitch to get through. Though I’m content with my decision to no longer continue a relationship with my ex, I can’t say it’s been a picnic in the park getting over him. I’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions the past few months, but mostly I’ve been lost. As Valentine’s day has arrived, I couldn’t help but become a complete hater on the whole holiday. Like really though….single awareness day much?! Fact is, I’m single and I continue to adjust to this new change in my life. The transition has been tough, one filled with tears and ambiguity, but whoa has it been eye opening. Let me explain.

Being newly single has not only allowed me sweet freedom, but it’s also opened me up to start questioning things. Things like why are we so pressed on being in relationships?? Why is being alone viewed as being SO awful? Why am I searching for someone else to make me happy? Reality check: though I believe biologically we need to experience love and human connection, society has taught us that we’ll never be complete without a lover by our side. Well, I call bull.

In the beautiful words of Rupi Kaur (if you don’t have her book titled Milk and Honey, GO GET IT RIGHT NOW), “you are in the habit of co-depending on people to make up for what you think you lack, who tricked you into believing another person was meant to complete you when the most they can do is complement.” Here’s the deal, a significant other will never make you whole; YOU are the only piece that matters in the puzzle. It’s insanely easy (and more fun) to try to find happiness in someone else but until we’re ready to do some deep internal work, we’ll be feeling alone forever.

So today, on Valentine’s day, it’s okay to feel sad but don’t let negativity dictate a day meant to celebrate the most beautiful thing in life: LOVE. Dedicate this day to yourself. Dedicate it to giving love and positivity to others all day long. Get some sunshine, eat some chocolate, and buy yourself some damn flowers today. Celebrate the loving people and relationships you already do have. Don’t depend on anyone else to love you today, because you’re pretty freaking amazing just as you are if you ask me! It’s important that you know this and only this, I love you and you’re not alone.


Thanks for reading lovelies!






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