Finding Balance Through Self-Love.

Ah, my favorite buzz word, balance. It seems that in the self-love/mental health/self-improvement/spiritual/whatever world you reside in, we’re always talking about this thing called balance. We’re told that we must have balanced work lives, balanced diets, balanced priorities, balance in each and every decision. Now of course it’s inspiring to hear about the importance of balance, but here’s my question: what the hell does balance even mean? How are we expected to balance our lives when the world around us is so unbalanced? Well here we go….let’s dive in.

To put it simply, balance is practicing and doing things that feel natural, good, and uplifting. Balance is being cognitively aware of giving attention to your mind, your body, and your spirit. Balance is working to live, not living to work. Balance is choosing to equally eat doughnuts (ya’ll know my love for doughnuts!!) and green vegetables. Balance is prioritizing things that make you smile as often as things must accomplish and complete. Balance is fairly making decisions based off of both rational, gut instinct and what your heart longs for.

So on that note… I have to be honest with ya’ll. I’ve been struggling with finding balance in all areas of my life (hence my month-long break from blogging…whoops!) for so long now. I’ve been overwhelmed with work, school, my social life, my goals, and managing constant change. Needless to say, I’ve been exhausted!

Well here’s my testament, I’ve decided to commit myself to claiming my balance back! I decided to start by incorporating balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually:

  • Mentally- I’ve committed myself to reading for pleasure more frequently. I’ve found that taking time to shut off and expand your mind feels SO good.
  • Physically- This is a hard line for me, as I will always be a woman who promotes body positivity, but I have started exercising more frequently. I don’t do this for any other benefit than it’s important for my to move my body and use it to its full potential. Exercising from a place of self-love versus self-hatred…I highly recommend it!
  • Emotionally- I find myself comparing myself to others A LOT lately, especially on social media. I hate the negativity that cultivates, so I’ve been setting larger limits on the amount of time I spend on social media. Airplane mode is my best friend lately.
  • Spiritually- Meditation, meditation, meditation. As a lot of you know, yoga and nature are huge components of my life to encourage balance, but meditation has taken things to a new level. Anyone with anxiety…trust me…this stuff works.

I’ve found through this recent commitment to find balance that, though it takes hard work, it really comes down to one question. Do you love and value yourself enough to create balance in life? I’m learning that balance is defined and achieved with greater ease, if you’re rooted and accepting of who you are. Just another reason to join me on the journey toward building YOURSELF up.  The journey of treating yourself with the care and love you so graciously give to others.

My hope is that you, yourself begin to find a healthful routine and self-loving thought process, that brings you mental peace, joy and balance. Why? Because let’s be real…we all need serenity in this oh-so-crazy, messy, precious thing we call life!


Thanks for reading lovelies!!!!

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