Out With The Old, In With The New.

Whew ya’ll we made it…2017 is right around the corner! Thank. God. Anyone else feel a major sigh of relief knowing a fresh start is near? The weight of this year has almost been unbearable at times, but this has been nothing short of a year packed with growth, learning opportunities, and accomplishing goals. This was the year that I felt I experienced the most development and a greater picture of what I want out of life. It was near hell getting to this place, but man does it feel good!! Today I wanted to do an encouraging review of what I felt made the most impact this year and what I’m committing myself to in the next year.

This year I committed to…


For me, I think the largest display of vulnerability lies within the fact that I started this blog. Let me tell you…this has been an incredible outlet. I’m beyond grateful to have a platform in which I can share my stories and potentially inspire others. In all honesty, I’ve experienced quite an outpour of support and feedback stemming from my decision to share my stories with pure, candid vulnerability. I will forever feel privileged and esteemed to share this with others in hopes of helping even on person feel as though they are not alone. It hasn’t been easy to accept and feel comfortable within that vulnerability, but the empowerment that comes with it has been priceless. So with that being said, I will continue to commit myself to living within that vulnerability, as vulnerability connects us together as humans. Because let’s be real, what’s better than feeling connected to others, right?


I learned how to show myself grace in times of struggle, fear and doubt. This year I found myself managing more mental health symptoms than ever before, I broke up with my significant other due to differing wants and needs in life, and I began to mange working, an internship and school full-time. Though these changes have been challenging, I want to reflect on the fact that I remained committed to placing less pressure on myself to be perfect or to “have it all together” this year, and I allowed myself to naturally progress through life, experiencing the positive and negative. This was my year of pure growth.


This year I honored MYSELF. I took time to appreciate, embrace and fall in love with the woman I am. I learned the immensely positive impact of what being gentle and kind to myself can do. I shed the incessant judgment and criticism towards my body and actions, and replaced it with honoring and loving myself unconditionally. This year, I stood up to a family member that has torn down my self-esteem for years. {Story to come about this interaction} I chose to write, read, discuss, and advocate toward what I believe in, and feel most passionately about. I gave my best effort to remaining true to myself and recognize my authenticity. This was the year I chose me.


Commitments in the New Year…


I commit myself to being unapologetic, courageous and bold. I no longer want to hide or shrink myself to be what the world wants me to me, I want to simply be me.


I want to live without fear. If something feels natural and good…I want to go for without a second guess. Fear only holds us back and prevents us from eradicating the “what if” mystery of life. I no longer want to live within that place from here on out. I commit myself to being completely fearless.


As I near the end of my graduate school program and move toward becoming a licensed therapist, a huge part of my career will lie within being an advocate for social justice. I want to commit myself to ensuring my career, my blog, my future plans, and my voice will consistently be directed toward advocating for myself and others in the world.


My hope is that in the next day, you too are able to seek the positive moments you’ve experienced thus far in 2016 and seek clarity in what you want to experience in the New Year. For it is through seeking understanding and clarity that we gain the most complete picture of what we want for our lives. This year I challenge you to love yourself first, be present in emotions and moments, and never ever quit reaching for what you want and deserve in life.


As always, be good and do good. Happy New Year to you!


Dress in picture: Torrid Fashion

Photo credit: Luke Burke of L-B Studio. l-b-studio.com

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