To the lovely Ann Coulter…

YOU are the reason so many young girls have body image issues. YOU are the girl that made my life hell in school. YOU are a horrendous representation of a woman. YOU are the female version of Donald Trump. Rude, self-centered, and a bigot.

In case you are not aware, Ann Coulter decided to tweet comments about the protests last night. Her exact Tweet stated, “Without fat girls, protests wouldn’t exist.” She then posted a picture of female protesters and stated, “I guess marching around waving signs is some exercise, but they also need Atkins”. You can read the story here.

Here’s my message to you, Ann.

First I’d like to point out the obvious fact that you have been given the precious opportunity to have a public voice in the world. So here’s what I don’t get…why in the world would you use that voice to tear down other women?? Are you that unhappy with yourself? Have you been so poisoned by the misogynistic, privileged white males in your life, that all you know is to judge and criticize other women due to your own inferiority? You have chosen to offend an entire group of women who have been judged and mistreated due to their outer appearance most or part of their lives. You know what honey…big freakin whoop…this isn’t new for us. I’m not angry at what you said, I’m angry that our society has failed you so miserably that you don’t know how to treat other women, besides through the use of words and actions wrapped in hate. You have the power to demonstrate love and compassion for other women, but yet, you choose to hate and discriminate. You choose to influence the minds of young girls, teaching them to believe that different body types are not allowed and being different is a crime. You are the girl in school that may have been “pretty” but secretly, everyone knew you were a little shit.

I feel sorry for you, and to be honest, I don’t even understand why you’re relevant. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Second, YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT FAT WOMEN LEAD PROTESTS. Fat women have had to fight for appreciation and fight like hell just so their voice can be heard. Really, we’re professional protesters. We will not be quiet and we will not fade into the distance.We will speak our truth and fight for what’s right.

Fact is, there are plenty of men (such as the oh-so-peachy Donald Trump) whom we have endured hateful words and treatment from all the time, what’s truly painful is witnessing a woman who encourage such hatred. I really hope you’re happy with yourself and can rest easy. But don’t worry, we’ll just be over here waiving our signs for exercise and concurring the world one day at a time.


A fat woman on a mission.

**Disclaimer: it’s been an emotional week over here, and this has really been the last straw. I really needed to write this and hope ya’ll can understand. May love, understanding, and hope fill you up this weekend.**

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