Being Unapologetically, Authentically Me.

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyways.” -Mother Theresa

As the year has started to pass(rather quickly I might add), and we begin to venture into the fall season, I tend to focus on the nature of change this time of year brings. With this sense of change, I wanted to begin setting a challenge for myself; this way I’m able to both naturally experience change, but also, can begin to integrate the choice of change into my daily life. So I’ve decided to challenge myself to live as unapologetically, authentically myself as possible.

In all honesty, I immediately began to question…”well what the hell does that even mean??”. So I started researching. Specifically speaking, being unapologetic means to go without acknowledgement or expression of regret. Although this explained the plain definition of being unapologetic, I wasn’t quite sure how I would apply this to my everyday life. After much thought and pure exhaustion from the years of apologies, here’s how I have defined being unapologetically and authentically me:

1.) Never apologize or feel guilty for doing something that brings you joy.

  • Eat the doughnut you’ve been eyeing every Friday at work, drink the expensive bottle of wine, try the hobby or workout you’re too afraid to admit you’re interested in, wear the crop top that makes you feel like Beyonce, and for god’s sake…tell that person how you feel (whether it be out of love, anger, sadness, lust, etc.).

2.) When in doubt…SAY YES!

  • Life is too short to say no to an adventure or opportunity simply because you’re afraid of failure or judgement from others. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable while exploring new experiences, that just means you’re getting closer to growth!

3.) Be candid and honest with others, but most importantly, with yourself.

  • You’ll experience many lies and deceit in life, so why lie to yourself? Check in, be present, be real, and never stop progressing.

4.)  Embrace YOU.

  • There’s nothing stronger, more gravitative, or beautiful than a person who loves every ounce of their being. Strive to adore your strengths, flaws, failures, pain, triumphs, beliefs, etc. Really the list could go on and on. The point is, when you stop pressuring yourself to be perfect and simply work towards embracing yourself in the here and now, the happier and more content you’ll be.


Moving into the new season, my hope is that you will consider joining me in the challenge to work towards becoming your authentic self! Imagine how freeing it will feel to forget what the world tells you is “acceptable”, and begin to live by your own definition of what serves you best in life. Be you and nothing less.

Thank you for reading loves!!





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