Heart Over Logic.

And just like that, life changes and takes an unexpected turn…

It’s official, I’m moving to San Diego, CA.

Sometimes we’re presented with opportunities that just fall right into our lap, as if the universe somehow gives you the go ahead without even seeking it in the first place. Just like a sign from above, San Diego knocked on my door, and for once in my life, I’m answering with the strength of my heart. Not logic.

I just gotta say, I’m so damn proud of myself.

But why heart over logic? Why choose something so risky? Why uproot your life? Here’s the thing, I’m TIRED of making safe and perfectly calculated choices. I’m done with the comfort zone. Done with the excuses. Done with wading through the mud. I’m ready for real growth.

The past 6 months have been some of the most transitional times to date. Between finishing grad school, sitting for state licensure to be a therapist, and tons of uncertainty with my career. While also experiencing shifts within my family, establishing a new romantic relationship, starting a new podcast and vlog, and somehow trying to manage my health; to say the struggle is real would be an understatement. No one really prepares you for the comedown from graduate school. I worked so hard for those three years, and after constantly losing sleep, financial stability, connection with others, and self-care, I found myself at the end of the process so bitter and exhausted that I couldn’t even celebrate graduation. Most days I still don’t. This time last year I couldn’t stop thinking, “Thank God I’m almost done with this crap. I’m ready to move on and start living again.” Little did I know that post graduation would plunge me right into the most strange, unknown space in my life. Let me tell y’all…things have been weird. No kidding you, it’s as if someone sat a giant mirror right in front of me, visually displaying all the pain, fear, learned behaviors, and self-doubt standing in my way. This mirror isn’t some tiny compact mirror either, it’s a gorgeous yet profoundly revealing floor mirror (I like to think it’s a funky one from homegoods lol). Needless to say, as many times as I’ve tried to look away and avoid my reflection, I’m learning that the mirror is here to stay. Like it or not, it’s time for me deal with my shit.

And I’ll be honest, I truly believe graduate school was a way for me to delay my own internal work. I kept myself busy, running my mind and body into the ground, all while serving some greater purpose to prove my “success” in life. But here’s what no one tells you, you don’t have to prove a damn thing in life. Really, your level of success is your own, so seeking approval or applause from anyone other than yourself, tends to only harm one person. You.

So here I am, finally taking a LONG look in said mirror. Terrifyingly ready to face what’s in front of me. No more hand holding from my family, no more preoccupation, no more bullshit. I get one shot at life, it’s time to determine my own definition of peace.

Now of course, in natural Alex Morella fashion, I’m packing up my stuff and moving across the country. At first I thought, “That’s insane. What did I work so hard for? Just to move and start over again? You haven’t even known your partner long enough to do this. So many people will be disappointed in you if you move”. Here we go again with the self-doubt and negativity *rolls eyes*. I found myself caring more about what other people would think, rather than what I actually wanted to do. So, after a few months of deliberation, I’ve decided to take the leap. I’ve decided to create my own path, do the unexpected, and finally choose my own healing. Heart over logic. Rarely does it make sense to the mind, but man does it make perfect sense to the soul.

That California glow y’all. It’s real.  

Now to be fair, I’m a whole mixed bag of emotions right now. Some moments I beam with excitement, other moments I cry out of fear. A life-changing decision will do that to ya. Thankfully I’m not a fool and I realize that all of this is normal. I realize the challenges that will come with this decision and recognize that just because I’m changing my location, doesn’t mean that all my problems fade away. I realize that it’s normal to feel both scared and hopeful. I realize it all. And yet, I’m still here, still choosing the same path. This decision continues to make me think of a gift my family gave my Aunt last Christmas. We gifted her a bracelet that read lyrics from a song (OITNB fans will recognize it), it read, “Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard”. Life is too short to stand still, my feet seek new terrain.

So here’s to heart over logic. Here’s to taking the leap. Here’s to experiencing stifling fear and panic, but STILL showing up. Here’s to embracing the pain, NOT avoiding it. Here’s to trusting ourselves enough to know that no matter what, we will be okay. Here’s to unapologetically being who you’ve always wanted to be.

Let’s go for it. Let’s be bold. Let’s move ourselves up the mountain, because I can already tell the view is totally worth it.

As always, thanks for reading and all the support lovelies!


P.S.- Come visit/ meet up with me in paradise!!!









PSOR: Emailed Questions!

Hi beautiful souls 🙂

I’ve been so looking forward to sharing some more Plus Side of Raw videos with ya’ll! Bare with us as we’re still working out some kinks to our video hosting site, and we’re creating more space for creativity. Thankfully we had a few questions come in via email (they were pretty dang good too!) so check out the responses below!


Question: Do you feel that being plus size can inhibit your wardrobe therefore inhibit your expression of self?


Question: Do you see a difference in people who are naturally bigger to people who “became” fat as a result of non medical situations? For some people being large is there norm. For others it’s a result of self abuse, coping, etc.


Question: Would you ever have cosmetic surgery?


Question: Where do you buy your jeans?




Comment below and let me know what you think of these videos/this new project! Any and all feedback will help tremendously.


Want to ask some questions yourself?:

If you’d like to submit questions or thoughts (please keep them appropriate), send an email to plussideofraw2018@gmail.com and my partner will ensure the email remains private until I’m recording next.

*PS- Huuuge shoutout to those who submitted questions already. I see you and love you.*


Thanks for watching lovelies!

The Plus Side of RAW

Happy Saturday beautiful souls!

I’m beyond excited to introduce a brand new project I’ve started working on called, The Plus Side of RAW! After having in-depth conversation after in-depth conversation with my partner, something just clicked and we said, “we should record these conversations…”. So here we are, introducing a series of existential questions being candidly asked and answered by me!

Adding to the excitement of being asked a variety of questions without my knowledge prior to responding, I wanted to increase the challenge for myself and record these videos without any preparation beforehand. Exactly as I am, right there in the moment. Most of the time that will be without my hair done, no makeup, and in my relaxed house clothes. Hence the name of the project was born, The Plus Side of RAW. These videos shed light on the positives of stripping away personal distractions, showcasing uncontrived vulnerability, and simply getting real. *( I also like to think of RAW as an acronym for Real Ass Woman lol)*

So without further adieu, take a peek at The Plus Side of RAW!


Can you think of the time you first experienced true belonging and unconditional love? Can you remember how it made you feel?


Can love still exist in our world today? How can we ensure we’re loving when negativity surrounds us?

I’ve been having tooooo much fun with this project and can’t wait to share more and more with ya’ll along the way! Thank you 100 times over for being here with me along this ride, I have so much love and appreciation for each of you!

May this project remind you to honor, love, and trust yourself in the most candid of moments.

 *Do you have any questions or thoughts you’d like for me to speak on? If you’d like to submit questions or thoughts (please keep them appropriate), send an email to plussideofraw2018@gmail.com and my partner will ensure the email remains private until I’m recording next.*

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Mental Health and Body Image: YouTube Edition!

Happy New Year beautiful souls!!

Comin’ at ya with a short, yet personally meaningful, post today. Over the holidays I had the BEST time working on a few YouTube videos with my girl Samantha Brittany. Awhile ago she had asked if I wanted to record a couple of videos highlighting topics such as Mental Health and body image, so naturally, I agreed! As these topics are extremely dear to my heart, I wanted to make sure to share the videos both on social media, as well as, here on the blog. So check em’ out below as I’ve linked the videos to each picture (click the picture to be routed to each video), and comment letting me know what you think!




“What I know for sure is that speaking YOUR TRUTH is the most powerful tool we have” -Oprah

*(PS-If you didn’t see her speech from the Golden Globes last night, definitely do yourself a favor and watch here).*

May you go forward this week encompassed by enough bravery to speak your truth always. 



To be in contact with Samantha Brittany, her information has been linked below: 

YouTube: Samantha Brittany

Instagram: _samantha_brittany_


Go Girl it’s Ya Birthday….

Hello you beautiful soul, you!

As I’m sitting here thinking and backtracking all that’s happened since my last birthday eve, I can’t help but process the lessons I’ve accrued over the past 12 months. I’ll be candid in saying that overall, this year has been one for the freakin’ books. A year of much growth and ambiguity, but also a year of great accomplishment, closure, and new beginnings. So with that being said, here’s a few helpful thoughts and lessons that have shown up for me throughout the past year:

1.) In what feels like an eternity day by day, a year passes so crushingly quick.

2.) Just when you think things aren’t going to get better, they miraculously do.

3.) Making yourself proud is one of the greatest steps toward loving and appreciating yourself. You may not love your body or have a deep admiration your personality (YET), but finding ways to make yourself proud will 10 times out of 10 help you recognize your strength and power.

4.) After accomplishing something big like finishing graduate school, or buying a new house, or even making your dream job a reality, you can inevitably expect some kind of deflation period. You’ve put in a ton of work to get where you are, of course you’re going to ask yourself, “okay, what now?”. Your body, mind, AND spirit are in need of some recuperation. Be kind to yourself during this time.

5.) Life will NEVER be perfect. Searching for perfection is a losing battle, instead, search for peace.

6.) LOVE is your destiny. You are love, you are made from love, and with that understanding, love will in return cultivate around you. Also, wait. Don’t settle for anything or anyone less than extraordinary. Wait for someone who assists in creating stillness in your mind and passion in your heart.

7.) ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS. Why do things work certain ways? What makes (this) so important to me? How can i see things differently? What do i want from this situation? Asking questions builds truth and critical thinking skills. Those skills are essential to you.

8.) Fun fact: you don’t have to be friends with EVERYONE. Protect yo energy. It’s your lifeline.

9.) Leave the bullshit to the bullshitters. You’re not one of them. When you don’t know something, hold your head high and admit you don’t know. Don’t pretend to know something out of fear that someone would judge you. Don’t lie to ensure people are “impressed by you”. Don’t compromise your thoughts or feelings to make others feel more comfortable. Of course doing this is terrifying and takes major practice, but just know that the real, honest you will always win.

10.) You are the most astounding, beautiful, mess the world has ever been graced with. Don’t you dare forget it. Shine. Your. Imperfect. Light.


This was a simple, yet super cathartic post for me. Kind of unexpected but also clarifying to see how peaceful this was to write. I seriously feel nothing but gratitude all around, as I enter into my birthday and 27th year with new found wisdom and perspective.

Really just posting this selfie because 1.) I’m cute 2.) ISSA BIRTHDAY VIBE and 3.) I like how the light gives the affect of a halo around my head  (lol) 


I just have to end this post by saying thank you. Thank you all for reading today, and for allowing me to utilize this space as not only a way to spread inspiration, but also a space conducive for my own healing. In case you didn’t know, you’re not alone. We’re all connected in some form or fashion. Just as you’re healing from your life wounds, I too am healing.

May you all remain peaceful throughout this holiday season!!



Luminance Skincare: The Real MVP.

Hi my beautiful souls!!!!

So sorry for being MIA as of late! As some of you know, I’ve been preparing to take my state licensure exams (to officially work as a mental health therapist), so my priority has been testing throughout the past month. But thankfully, I’m back and ready to share a some details about a product line that I absolutely LOVE.

Y’all…let me introduce you to Luminance Skincare. Aka: my legitimate saving grace over the past few months. Originally, I found Luminance from another influencer (Dana Falsetti/Nolatrees), and instantly I knew I wanted to try their products. Not only are they all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly, but they’re also handcrafted in a small manufacturing office in Benicia, California. So not technically local for me, but who doesn’t enjoy supporting smaller businesses? Seriously, if you have a moment, just read how wonderful their story is, and the supportive working environment they’ve created. VERY few companies really express interest in providing such quality, detail, and kindness like Luminance does. Since I’ve had so many ups and downs with my skin, I was beyond thrilled to try their products! I first started out by ordering the free sample kit (two weeks of product at the cost of shipping ($2-4)) and have been a genuine supporter ever since. As a blogger I stand firm in never supporting a company or product that I don’t believe in. Thankfully, Luminance was a no-brainer for me.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve found myself fortunate enough to team up with Luminance to try a few of their new products. I’m beyond thrilled to share details with you! Check out my reviews of each product below *also for even further details, click on the names of each product*:


Delicate Cleanser:

Okay I’m going to be honest about the cleanser. At first I was super skeptical. The product is very thin and doesn’t have an exfoliating agent, so I questioned its deep cleaning capabilities. Then I remember saying to myself, “Alex, what the hell do you know? You’ve been using Neutrogena since you were 13. It’s time to switch it up.” Anyone else feel me on this? Lol.

After my first use, I was so pleasantly surprised by how clean and free my face felt. The cleanser smells great, feels great, and actually does deep clean. I still like to exfoliate once a week when I can, but I’m grateful to have found a cleanser that’s gentle enough for daily use. This is a staple to the Luminance main trio of products.

Rosewater Toner:

This is 100% my most favorite product. I really didn’t understand the importance of using toner until purchasing Luminance products. This is by far the most refreshing, skin calming, luxurious product I’ve ever used. All it takes is a spritz in the morning and evening to balance out your skin’s pH balance. If I could recommend any one Luminance product, it would be the Rosewater Toner. It legitimately smells and feels like a daily Treat-Yo-Self moment.

Acne Serum:

The acne serum, though not the product I use most daily, is a fabulous addition to your skincare routine. I really use this for more spot treatment rather than all over, simply due to the fact that I personally like to keep things minimal. I find this works really well when needed, and I’m infatuated by the smell of this product. Made with both Matcha Tea and Tea Tree Oil, the acne serum reminds you of just how natural and raw these products really are.

Hydration Face Moisturizer:

All I’m going to say is…yoooo…the moisturizer is a must. Not only is the consistency amazing, but the AMOUNT of product they send you really makes it worth the purchase. Especially with winter months coming up, this is an essential product in my opinion. I also really like that this product extremely lightly scented, anyone with sensitive skin knows why this is important.

Rosewater Mask:

Graciously, I’ve tried two different Luminance facial masks. Both the Rosewater Mask and the French Green Clay Clarifying Mask  are extremely high quality.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but sometimes use a face mask and I feel like I completely wasted my time. If anything I was uncomfortable for 20 minutes and my face became even more irritated. Thankfully, this isn’t ever an issue with both of these face masks. I actually look forward to using them. The Rosewater Mask is the product I use when my skin is super dry. I put this stuff on and I was like…”well shit I don’t have to put moisturizer on the rest of the week!” It’s really awesome. But I will say that I use the Clarifying Mask a little more frequently. This product has really helped balance my skin. If I know I want to look and feel refreshed the next day, all I need to do is put this gorgeous bright green mask on my face and I’m set.


Words can’t describe what a difference Luminance products have created in my life. Our skin is the largest organ our bodies possess, it’s the encasing shell to our soul, so my gratitude toward Luminance doesn’t come from their products “fixing” my “problem skin”, but rather, it comes from allowing myself to find a trustworthy product that luxuriously cares for me in the most ethically loving way. I hope this review has helped you learn a bit about the products I personally stand by, and helps you recognize that you’re absolutely glorious no matter what. You deserve to avoid the perspective of “fixing” your “flaws” and instead focus on loving and treating yourself kindly. A huge thank you to Luminance Skincare (and so many others) for helping women and men obtain beautiful products with a kind purpose.



May the sun shine on you moving into this weekend and throughout the end of the year.

Thanks for reading lovelies!!


Just in time for #TBT.

Hellooo beautiful souls!

As I sat at my favorite coffee shop today, I decided to take some time out to write down some goals for 2018. (Oh God…am I a real adult now??) But as I’m writing  both personal and professional goals, I can’t help but reflect on the past year. It’s funny how life seems like it can creep by, as we quickly become defeated when our lives aren’t where we “think they should be”, but in a collective manner so much can happen in a years time. At this time last year I was writing papers and stressing about finishing up school…now I’ve completed my Master’s and moved onto the next chapter in life. Last September I took the leap to start this blog and in reflecting upon that, I seriously can’t believe just how many amazing things have happened in one year’s time. This risky, vulnerable decision has been solid proof that vulnerability really is the key to real life goodness.

So since the nostalgia has been real today, I wanted to share with you an interview that I did this past spring.  After doing a photoshoot with a local Body Image Campaign, I was asked to respond to some interview questions related to body image.


Ya’ll remember these? 

I remember feeling so nervous when working with my now friend Luke Burke  before this shoot. I had no idea what I was doing (let’s be real, most of the time I still don’t lol) and deep down I knew that this was the first time I’d be this public with my body and this honest in my words. But I persisted on and did it anyway. I ended up having so much fun! I’m not particularly sure why I never posted my responses from the interview, but for some reason I didn’t feel the need to share at the time. Serendipitously, here I am almost a year later sharing my responded thoughts on body positivity, “concern” trolls, and the plus size community. What amazes me is, though so much can change in a year, my answers below would still be the exact same today. Check out the interview and let me know what you think!

Tell us a little about you. 

Hi! My name is Alex Morella. A woman on her own self-love journey with a passion for inspiring other women to holistically love themselves, while also working toward changing the dialogue around fatphobia and diet culture. We live in a world that profits off of teaching us to hate ourselves; this is my “fist-in-the-air” commitment to helping people become a little more kind to themselves and others.
How did you become a part of the body image campaign?
I met Luke Burke through a mutual friend. I had started my public journey documenting self-love, body positivity, and fat activism, therefore our mutual friend thought we might work well together on this project.
What exactly is the issue with your body that you have struggled with.
I was born fat, grew up fat, and continue to reside in a fat body. Living in a society where the biggest fear for a woman is fatness, I haven’t always been seen as the “ideal woman” (whatever that means, right?). I live in a marginalized body where people see my body long before they even attempt to get to know my personality. Though I was raised in a supportive home environment, I’ve never not lived without constant reminders of my “unacceptable” body. Living in the constant reminder of “you’re not good enough” doesn’t always set one up to have swimmingly high self-esteem. Therefore, I’m currently undoing years and years of self-doubt and pain.
The industry puts plus size at about an 8 tell us your thoughts on that. 
I’d say it’s a big ol’ lie! There’s a new wonderful campaign out called the 67% Project that highlights the fact that 67% of women in the US are a size 12 or larger. 67%! Only 2% of women in the US actually look like and/or represent the type of women we see in magazines and advertisements. I would say that if plus size retailers and designers really wanted to represent plus women, they’d start featuring models who are size 18 and up. That’s their profitable market, and honestly, that’s how you break barriers.
Do you feel you are treated differently in your profession? I felt like i was before I lost weight.
In my current position? No, not at all. Have I in previous jobs? Absolutely. Since fatphobia is everywhere, I experience it in many different capacities. I’ve learned over time to never allow my appearance to affect my dreams and goals. I’m deserving of anything I want and/or desire in life!
How do your friends treat you? Do they overly compensate or do you feel like because you embrace it more it makes them a little more relaxed?
I’ve learned over time to only surround myself with people who are authentic and genuinely love me for who I am. A component to self-love and self-care is spending time with people who energize and love you, rather than people who deplete your self-esteem and worth.
I see that you post a lot of Instagram images not hiding your body at all. I think that’s how you plan to reach people by doing this. Quite frankly who do you want to reach?
Two words: representation matters. When I was a young girl, all I ever wanted was to feel like I could connect and resonate with the women I’d see in media. I would have loved to see a plus-size woman living her life confidently. I think seeing that would have helped me feel less alone and isolated! I put pictures of myself out there showing my curves and demonstrating vulnerability, as a way to not only make my younger self proud, but also to provide a visual representation of various body types in the world. I put myself out there so other women can witness a visibly plus woman who is confident, happy, emotional, and real.
Who has been your biggest inspiration? 
First and foremost, my biggest inspirations have been my mom and my aunt. They’re the epitome of women who embody strength, boldness, and intelligence. Additionally, I’ve been inspired by women such as Roxane Gay,Brene Brown, Jes Baker, Dana Falsetti, Dani Galvin & Virgie Tovar. These are women who have led the pathway. Women who have provided perception and education.
I frequently hear other people taking issue with plus size women showing sexy images. What do you say to the naysayers? 
I say, “my body, my choice”. What I want to do with my social media platforms, my body, and my life is not up for discussion. It’s MY decision. That’s where I think real confidence and freedom sets in; when you no longer need approval from anyone else but yourself. There will always be naysayers, it’s how you interpret those comments that makes a world of difference.
Why does our society have an issue with people in general that don’t fit a certain mold?
It simply boils down to one simple word: fear. We’re afraid of people, things, and changes that may interfere with what we’re comfortable knowing and understanding. It’s risky putting yourself out of that comfort zone. It’s risky being around someone you’ve been taught to hate or judge. It’s kind of like, if you get close enough to realize that person might be similar to you or you enjoy their presence, that completely risks your current thought processes. That forces you to think differently and use a different mindset. We like stereotypes, stereotypes give us control, comfort, and direction. Stereotypes are safe. Fear is what drives all hate in this world, therefore without eradicating that fear, we’ll always have some form of hatred. So how do you start to change your mindset? Spend time with people who don’t look like you. Listen and learn from them. Choose to be in that uncomfortable space. I promise it’ll change your perception, it will build empathy, and I promise you’ll start to recognize just how similar we all are in this world.
How much of being in this made you want to go in a profession where you can help people? Tell us about that. 
I chose to become a Mental Health Counselor, because I wanted to help people. I wanted to be there for someone who had no one to turn to. I wanted to enrich lives and assist others in being their best self. Little did I know that along this journey, my reasoning behind why I chose this career had shifted. In addition to helping people individually, I want to facilitate change in my community. I may not be able to change the world, but I’m able to influence my local community. I want to build empathy, kindness, creativity, and awareness.
How do you feel about the person who says, “Wow good for her! She is beautiful just not my cup of tea”? Do you still see that as a compliment or a slight because they are only basing that on what they see outwardly.
If someone legitimately says, “good for her! She’s beautiful just not my cup of tea”. I’d be shocked and jumping for joy all at once lol. I don’t think anyone has ever said something so honest or eloquent. Most of the time people aren’t that nice in their comments, but in those instances, I completely understand and admire someone’s honesty. I’m not asking for someone to find me attractive, I’m asking for human decency and respect. 

Is this a social problem in America or everywhere?

Since I reside within America, I truly can only speak on American culture. I’m certain fatphobia and low body confidence occurs in many cultures, but in America, I know it happens every single day. Pick up a woman’s magazine just once and you’ll witness the lack of body diversity and representation that lies within each page. We’re influenced daily to think we’re less than, therefore, we must purchase a new product or change our appearance to somehow miraculously “fit in” or become “beautiful”. Unfortunately, this is a genuine systemic issue in American society.
Do you think people who make comments are trying to be mean or do they have a real concern for health?
I think anyone who believes they have the right to comment on another person’s appearance or body never has the “right intentions”. There’s not a standard definition of health, it’s individual to each and every person in the world. Therefore, in knowing that, there’s no amount of “concern” a stranger can try to justify with “good intention”. Unless that person is my doctor, please keep your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions to yourself.
Are you concerned for your health? 
Currently, I’m not concerned, because I’m in strong health. It’s important to emphasize that fat and being deemed “unhealthy” are not synonymous. I repeat, not all fat people are “unhealthy” and not all thin people are “healthy”. We’re trained from birth to think the exact opposite, but I promise you, health is not always defined by body weight. To me, health is a holistic experience. Health is not only finding foods that nourish your body and movement that makes you happy, but health is also how well you take care of your mental wellness and ensure you’re focused on being a kind person. Health to me is derived from mind, body, and spirit wellness. Personally, I strive to move my body in ways that make me feel alive (yoga, swimming, hiking, etc.) and I’m currently working toward creating a more positive relationship with food. Food is such a joyous component to life, but I recognize that certain foods have various affects on me personally. I’m still figuring that piece out. In the meantime, I’m living my life without restrictions and with more intention.

Lets say you were to write a letter to a 12 yr old girl who has a similar issue, what would you say to her? 
You are absolutely wonderful and intentionally meant to be here, just as you are. I promise you it gets better. Focus on finding one thing you like about yourself, whether it be your intelligence, your giving heart, your sense of humor, etc. and remind yourself every day of how much you like that trait. Remember, your worth isn’t defined by what you look like, but rather by, how good of a person you are. Confidence and beauty shines bright in girls who care less about what makes other people happy and content, and more about what makes them happy and content! Keep shining and I promise the world will see your light!
Here’s to another year of empowering people to love their bodies, building mental health awareness, and striving to show representation for ALL. Thank you to each and every person who’s joined me on this journey, I can’t wait to work on these goals moving into 2018!!
May you experience joy and peace within your mind, body, and soul throughout the rest of the week.
Thanks for reading lovelies!!


Social Media: 5 Ways to Honor Your Mental Health While Scrolling

It’s no shocker that our society has changed, big time. Generations have aged, pop culture and fashion styles have changed (RIP 2004 velour jumpsuits), and of course, technology has grown exponentially.  Not only has technology become more accessible, it’s become necessary for everyday life. Along with its use in business, the growth of technology has also created the era of social media; the use of platforms to share your own personal world. Don’t get me wrong, social media can be truly amazing; it’s a way to connect with people in and out of your community, free marketing for businesses, and a much quicker way of catching up with old friends.  But it’s pretty clear that being plugged in, constantly feeding our minds with information, can be pretty trying on our self-esteem and mental health. I don’t know about you, but seeing images and articles perpetuating comparison, and feelings of inadequacy or frustration started to have some serious long-term affects on me. It became exhausting and left me feeling “less than worthy” every time I would close out of an app. Although we may not recognize it in the very moment, social media can easily become a place where insecurities are highlighted, we remove our minds from the present moment, and can be a breeding ground for triggering anxiety and depression.  But this leaves us with the question of, how can we continue to feel connected in a social media obsessed world while also making sure it’s a positive influence on our mental health?

As this continues to be an ongoing trial and error experience for many, check out these five tips below that have helped me create a more positive, uplifting, and serving social media experience for everyday mental wellness:


1.) Take a Break

Naturally, learn to give yourself technology breaks. Now of course, if your career or interests require the use of social media on a regular basis, this may not be feasible for you during work hours. If this is the case, you can work toward creating social media boundaries and breaks at home. There’s so much value in learning how to be intentional about how much time you spend online and plugged into social media. Start off small by giving yourself 10-15 minute breaks, then work up to longer periods of time based on what feels right for you.

2.) Transform Your Feed

We may not have control over the social media influence in our society, but we do have control over who we follow and what we allow on our news feed!  If you find yourself feeling negativity or self-doubt while scrolling, you have EVERY right to un-follow, de-friend, or unsubscribe to those triggering influences. In addition, I always suggest seeking people, pages, and businesses that actually inspire and empower you! This is an essential step if you want to transition your social media from being a negative space to a positive, uplifting community.

3.) Pick and Choose

News alert, just because “Jane” uses every social media platform, doesn’t mean you have to! Ideally it’s best to select between 1-4 sites you really enjoy and leave the rest for others to utilize. Reducing the number of platforms you follow not only helps you to maintain control over your own social media, but it really aids in the reduction of anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.

4.) Try Emotional Check-in’s

To me, this is an invaluable step. Take a few seconds every time you open up your computer or pick up your phone to check-in and see how you’re feeling. Sometimes recognizing your emotions before doing something can help premeditate how that action will affect you further. For example, if you’re feeling frustrated and in that moment decide to check social media, there’s a high chance that decision could result in making you feel emotionally worse than before you started. So check-in with yourself, how do you feel right now and how will tuning into social media make you feel during and after? This small change can really make a world of difference.

5.) Recognize That It’s YOUR Mental Health.

Here’s the facts: only you have say over what’s best for you. It’s YOUR mental health and it’s yours to take care of. It’s 100% okay to want to be plugged into social media all the time, just as it’s okay to be completely off the grid. In a world where it feels like we have very little control over our lives, sometimes it’s nice to honor the control we do have.  Though our mental health is always shifting and changing, one thing remains a constant, you have the ability to look inward and determine what information, visuals, and technology you want to include in your process of leading a balanced life.

Hopefully these tips can become a starting point to redesign your relationship with social media, and can lead you to focus on your own emotional wellbeing. Because we all deserve to feel good, think positively, and live our best life! So here’s to you, may you find peace, inspiration, and mental clarity.

Thanks for reading lovelies!!

Pause…is Catherines the new spot??

Hi beautiful souls!

Hoping you all are having the most beautiful week! Today I’m coming to ya with another fashion focused post! A few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the Catherines Plus Size Store in Capitol Heights, MD. I was able to get a sneak peek at their newest line and meet so many new D.C. bloggers, stylists, and influencers. It. Was. Amazing. I mean obviously it was great because of the bougie/fabulous experience, but also it was so beautiful witnessing Catherines grow as a company! I’ll be honest…I really didn’t think Catherines was a place I’d shop. I always saw them as a store for older women to shop, so naturally I attended the event with no intentions of wanting to take home at least half the store (RIP bank account). Let me just tell you…Catherines is no longer the place where your mom shops. Their new Black Label and Curvy Collections are LIFE. I’d describe them as trendy, versatile, made with genuine quality, and decently affordable. If you want to check both lines out, click the links at the bottom of this post.

Group Photo


Okay so I’ll just cut to the chase…the real reason I’m hyping Catherines up is not only because I fell in love with their new look, but also because I have exciting news to share! I’ve been asked to collaborate with them and share three different gorgeous pieces with you! Over my next few posts, I’ll be sharing pictures and details about each item. I’m so excited for y’all to see these staple looks, and give you the opportunity to learn more about the revamping of Catherines!

So the first item I’ll be sharing is this GORGEOUS olive green tulip pencil skirt. First of all, olive green is the most essential fall neutral color in my closet these days, so of course I was stoked to see this arrive. It’s so soft, fits perfectly (though I could have went down a size for a more “going out” look), the quality is so on point, and it hugs every curve!


I decided to pair the Surplice Skirt from their Curvy Collection with a baby pink body suit from Charlotte Russe and brown riding boots from Torrid. I was inspired to find a look that I could both wear to work but also wear out after. That’s the beauty of investing in quality, versatile pieces like this! You’re going to wear them over and over and feel bomb as hell doing it! I definitely did 🙌

Comment below letting me know what ya think of this look or how you’d style it differently!!

Thanks for reading lovelies, may the sun shine on the rest of your week!

Photo Credit: Julia Cowles

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